Chartered Accounting


  • The AVVENS firm supports its corporate clients and client businesses in drawing up their financial information and ensuring its reliability. It assists the managers, CFOs and financial departments in preparing the financial statements.

  • With our team of accountants and chartered accountants specializing both in French and IFRS accounting standards, we assist you in drawing up the corporate and consolidated accounts as well as the attached tax statements.


    Financial information is an indispensable decision making tool and our teams assist you to guaranty information reliability and promptness. From accounting maintenance to account revision, we intervene on a yearly basis for thousands of clients.

    • Accounting maintenance,
    • Drawing up annualor interim financial statements,
    • Drawing up consolidated accounts,
    • Tax statements/returns,
    • Assistance in the scope of tax inspections.

    The accounting rules on consolidated accounts under French standards (CRC 99-02) or IFRS are constantly changing. Besides, the influence of the British standards is permanent and dictates the evolution of the French accounting principles, while favoring convergence between the repositories or reference systems.

    Consolidated account presentation brings a complementary dimension to our group’s image, thereby creating a true communication vector towards our partners, thanks to an accurate economical vision.

    Our firm provides assistance and consultancy in the presentation of consolidated accounts, as well as for consolidated account outsourcing missions.

    Assistance andconsultancy for consolidated account presentation

    • We assist your teams either occasionally or recurrently,
    • standard/obligation evolution watch,
    • evaluation of the effects of accounting options and methods on consolidated account presentation,
    • assessment of the effects of a shifting to IFRS standards,
    • drafting of accounting doctrine memos on complex issues, intended for your accounting directorate and your statutory auditors.

    Consolidated account outsourcing

    • The objectiveis for you to expeditiously and cost-effectively obtain reliable, high-quality consolidated accounts by relying on our expertise,
    • Our experts will assist your group’s management in strategic decision-making and in determining all closing options,
    • We provide assistance to the audit process conducted by your statutory auditors,
    • We also assist in preparing consolidated reports and drafting the consolidated budgets.

    In addition to accounting and accounting maintenance, our account interpretation and analysis capacity will provide a true added value :

    • Drafting management dashboards and performance measurement tools tailored to your activity,
    • Implementing analytical cost management systems,
    • Periodic monitoring and budget control,
    • Implementing cash management systems,
    • Implementing internal audit/control

    You are investing in Research and Development projects and consequently, you are certainly entitled to subsidies, tax credits and more generally favorable tax provisions which are often complex. Owing to lack of time or knowledge you may fail to identify the grants available to you. This is why Avvenshas put in place a dedicated team.

    • Dossier for obtaining the JEI status (“Jeune Entreprise Innovante”, Innovative young company),
    • CIRapproval application (“Crédit d’Impôt Recherche”, Researchtaxcredit),
    • CIR calculation and securization,
    • Assistance in public subsidy application files (conditional grants and advances)

    We have built a reputation for more than 20 years with key players in the life sciences sector.


    VSE managers, craftsmen, tradesmenand independent professionals often manage their business on their own, hence they have a significant need to be assisted and advised for a safe and efficient management.

    We are strongly experienced in consultancy, with dedicated, responsive and competent teams.

    Our missions

    Accounting, tax management and social & Human Resource management

    We organize and follow up your accounting processes so that you will spend as little time as possible in administrative tasks while obtaining safe and reliable tax statements or returns.

    Ourobjectiveis to enable you to take care of your development without any risk to overlook any payment term or deadline.

    We draw up your annual accounts as well as a useful accounting analyses, tailored to your trade, thereby allowing you to make the right decisions.

    Tax optimization

    Our accountants andchartered accountants are trained to constantly improve their performance in tax consultancy. We know how to advise you in full compliance with the regulations, and to assist you in case of tax inspection.

    Management, anticipation and assistance

    Our teams will help you build decision-making tools through business plans, dashboards or cashflow budget in order to anticipate your needs.

    We can assist you through all phases in the life of your business entity from its creation or incorporation to its transfer so that the right social, fiscal and legal choices are made.

    Social & Human Resource Management mission

    Our teams are dedicated to social legislation management to guarantee your safety and serenity. We can assist you for:

    • recruitment of your employees and drafting of the labor contracts,
    • drawing up pay slips and payment of social charges while watching collective bargaining agreements compliance,
    • labor contract termination,
    • Human Resource management.

    Our main asset : proximity and customized monitoring!